The Gildan New Mexico Bowl: Colorado State vs. New Mexico, Bowl Season Preview


Ah the Gildan New Mexico bowl, a staple of many a holiday tradition. Did you know that Gildan is the name of the elf that is responsible for laying out Santa’s blood pressure medication? It’s true, this is a bowl of Christmas magic!

Colorado State has a pretty good football team by Colorado standards. (Colorado football standards are similar to McDonald’s restroom cleanliness guidelines.) The Rams, are they the Rams or the Goats? The Colorado State Sheep-people have worked themselves into a just good enough 7-6. Colorado State played a pretty good game of football against Alabama earlier in the year, can they recreate that magic with Washington State? Maybe if Jim McElwain had previously worked for a scurvy sea rouge as well as Nick Saban.

Washington State is led by the brave ocean loving manic-depressive Mike Leach. Mike’s team has beaten USC, and almost beat Auburn, but they also lost to Washington and Oregon State. HAHAHAHA COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS CRAZY LIKE MIKE LEACH!

Neither of these teams really bother with things like “running the ball” or “defense,” so this should be a fun shootout to watch. I’m torn because I really like McElwain as a coach, but I really love totally cray cray coaches like Mike Leach. I guess I’ll take the Cougs in a close one. DO NOT BET THE UNDER.

The Gildan New Mexico Bowl
December 21 at 2p.m. East

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