The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl: Buffalo vs. San Diego State, Bowl Season Preview


“The Famous” Idaho Potato Bowl, really? I mean I understand that when you think potato you think Idaho and starving Irish children but are they really famous? Oh, you mean the bowl itself instead of the potatoes? Well I think you have even less of a case for using “famous” now.

I’m going to be completely honest with you, I don’t know much about Buffalo or San Diego State.  TO THE INTERNETS!

According to Wikipedia Buffalo is a city in New York that’s clearly just a secret forward base for a future Canadian invasion.  I wouldn’t trust those Buffaloians, they are probably very nice and don’t care for Walmart or freedom.

San Diego on the other hand appears to be a forward base for an upcoming Mexican invasion.  San Diego is also apparently home to a lot of nerds.

So this bowl boils down to Canadians vs. Mexican Nerds.  I think you have to go with the Cancucks on this one and this is why: they play hockey.  Hockey is similar in violence to football but with the addition of sharp blades on your feet, large wooden sticks, and fighting is encouraged.  On the other hand, I’ve seen some nerds fight and although they can be scrappy, I wouldn’t put them out on the ice with Bobby Orr.  Go Buffalo!

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl

December 21 5:30p.m. East


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