The Rice Owls Are Super Excited About The Liberty Bowl

I talk a lot of trash about the little bowl games and how pointless they are, but after watching this… maybe I will stop.  Can you feel how excited the Owls are about the Liberty Bowl? Man, I love this so much.  This video is everything that’s awesome about college football.  It’s a bunch of guys who had a great season and did their school proud getting super excited about one more fun game together.  I dare you to not become a little bit of an Owls fan:

This season with all the scandal and off the field nonsense really was wearing on me.  College football lost a bit of it’s shine the last couple of years.  I was getting a bit indifferent to it all.  It’s like I just got a new bb gun.  Thank you Santa for the Rice Owls.  Go Owls, beat MSU!

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