NFL Coaches Guide To Snowy Weather Attire

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Brad Mills - USA Today Sports

Brad Mills – USA Today Sports

For a number of reasons, the NFL was made immensely entertaining this past weekend by significant snow storms. At least five games were played in snow, with the game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Detroit Lions closely resembling a game you would have played in your back yard with snow boots on.

Seeing what head coaches wear in the snow is on the short list of my favorite things about the NFL. That list probably goes something like this:

1. The Denver Broncos

2. What coaches wear in the snow

3. Fantasy Football

The end.

Take, for example, the decision from Andy Reid of the Kansas City Chiefs to not wear gloves. ANDY DON’T YOU KNOW YOU NEED THOSE FINGERS TO EAT RIBS? YOU LIVE IN KANSAS CITY NOW, MAN. USE YOUR HEAD.

With no need for further introduction, this is your guide to why different NFL coaches dress they way they do in the snow.

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  • PunjabiPete

    Ha ha ha! A fat joke about Andy Reid! You guys are at the forefront for jokes! No one else EVER thought to insult Andy Reid’s weight before!

    And the KC BBQ reference, pure gold! Andy Reid does enjoy delicious BBQ ribs, that’s for sure… Wow, you are really avant garde, out in front, way to go!

    For once, as a diehard Chiefs fan, I will not have a problem cheering for the Chargers. Go Phillip Rivers!

    • Hayden Kane

      PunjabiPete, thanks for the comment. At least I didn’t joke about his mustache, which is convenient for saving BBQ sauce for later, freezing and falling off in the snow, right?

      • PunjabiPete

        Alright that was funny… damn you!

        • Hayden Kane

          Haha! Thanks Pete – and hey, we all deserve to be held accountable when we try to be funny, right?