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World of Warcraft: Throwback Thursday

For this week’s World of Warcraft Throwback Thursday (notice I didn’t bother with that douchecockery hashtag nonsense. You’re welcome by the way.) I have chosen a classic, a raider’s nightmare in vanilla WoW; this week I have for your viewing pleasure, “MANY WELPS HANDLE IT”.

In 2006, a raid member of guild “Wipe Club” recorded a Ventrilo conversation involving the guild leader, Dives, during an Onyxia attempt gone bad. In classic, or vanilla WoW, the Onyxia raid was an extremely difficult 40 man raid instance. The encounter was exceptionally taxing on raid leaders, as the placing of groups, and the timing of DPS vs Tank Threat, could make even the best of gamers lose their mind.

“MANY WELPS HANDLE IT” or “50 DKP MINUS” quickly became one of the most popular gamer made videos to come out of World of Warcraft. So popular, in fact, that just like Leeroy Jenkins, a set of achievements in game was dedicated to this hilarious video. Enjoy, but be forewarned, this is definitely NSFW.

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