Bowl Season: Each SEC East team's season summed up in a GIF

trainwreckWelcome to the SEC East

Last week I gave you an early Christmas GIF (C WUT I DID THAR?) with each SEC west team summed up in a GIF (Yes I’m still astounded by my cleverness). This week, the giving continues, because I’m a giver, it’s what I do. I’ve scoured the interwebs in search of a GIF that represents each SEC east team, because I love you all, just like Santa.

Last year Mizzou was the FNG of the SEC east and it showed…


But this year, they were a completely different team. The meth flowed and Missouri’s economy flourished. The entire state was tweaking, especially the Mizzou student section.milkshakeMizzou had a great year, going 7-1 in conference, and with the east being so awful, there is no reason that the Tigers can’t repeat their success next year. There is reason once again, for the hill people of Missouri to celebrate.



South Carolina had a good year. They weren’t terrible. The Gamecocks lost to Tennessee though, and I can’t forgive them for that. Nobody should lose to the Vols, not ever. South Carolina did beat Florida, for which they celebrated by letting their young perform horrible things to stuffed animals. This kid really goes to town on that stuffed gator, I’m kinda horrified to be honest.


The Georgia Bulldogs were painful to watch this season. I’m pretty sure the entire team was injured at some point. That aside, the Dawgs were lackluster and just down right pitiful. Mark Richt pretty much farted out an 8-4 season.


Speaking of perpetual 8-4 teams, Vanderbilt turned in another mediocre season. I’m not even sure that Vandy fans even know they have a football team, I mean, have you ever watched a Vandy game? Yeah me either, but I had to ask. Vanderbilt prides themselves on being the smartest school in the SEC, which is tantamount to being the skinniest kid at fat camp. Purging happens a lot at fat camp, thus this GIF is apropos.


Florida, oh Florida…the once proud Gators have descended into the bowels of the SEC east, and that pretty much is the absolute worst place to be. The Gator offense is just pathetic. Will Muschamp is a terrible coach, which is why he would make the perfect replacement for Mack Brown at Texas. Nothing says “I just took a dump” better than the Big12, so you can see that Muschamp would fit right in. Seriously you guys, there is no better analogy for Florida, than a dumpster fire.dumpster-fire-o

Now you can sit back and enjoy the cold dead eyes of this Florida Gator bro, and just understand that all of Gator nation feels just like he does….it’s grand ain’t it!gatorcreeper

There really isn’t much to say about the Tennessee Volunteers. At least when Dereck Dooley was the coach, I would watch the Vols play, just for the lulz. Get used to this feeling Vols, it’s not getting any better.




I hope you’ve enjoyed our merry little jaunt into the LAWL factory that is the SEC east. Happy Holidays!





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