The New Orleans Bowl: Tulane vs. Louisiana-Lafayette, Bowl Season Preview


Here’s a little bowl that gets it.  The New Orleans Bowl knows it’s place in the bowl hierarchy and it’s going to take advantage of it.  You don’t see the New Orleans Bowl inviting a team from the North East and a team from the West Coast this year, nope.  The New Orleans Bowl features Tulane, who plays all their home games in the Superdome that hosts the New Orleans Bowl was invited along with Louisiana-Lafayette.  So here we have a small bowl taking advantage of local teams that are far more likely to attend than trying to pull fanbases from across the country.  Now the bowls don’t always have this kind of opportunity due to availability of teams, but I would be willing to be it will be good for the New Orleans bowl this year.

The Tulane Green Wave is a great defensive team, with a less than stellar offense.  The Green Wave ranks 13th in confrence USA in offense.  Considering that most Confrence USA defenses are more theoretical than practical this may be an issue when the Ragin’ Cajuns come to town.

Since I’ve never met a Cajun that wasn’t Ragin’ I’m taking Louisianan-Lafayette over the gifted kids.

The New Orleans Bowl

December 21, 9 p.m. East






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