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Alabama and Auburn fans get a bad rap.  Both fanbases have some extreme wack jobs that while amusing make the rest of us look horrible.  Whether it’s poisoning trees or as we saw today starting an online fundraiser to send yourself to the BCS Championship game, we have some real pieces of work in our fanbases.  When the rest of the country sees the acts of extreme douchecanoeness they start to assume that all Auburn and Alabama fans are like this.  We of course know this is a load of malarkey.

There is nothing inherently wrong in raising some extra doe to go to Cali and see your team play.  People are free to spend their money however they please and if you want to donate your hard earned money to send a blogger to a football game, that’s your business.  The kind of person who hatches a plan like this is what we in Alabama call either “A Boog” or “A Gump.” Boogs/Gumps are the people whose lives revolve around football, It’s where their happiness begins and ends.  That’s fine.  Although I do find it disturbing that a blogger with thousands and thousands of readers is using his audience for a selfish reason during the holidays that’s his business.  Heck, I suggest he go all in and take up a second offering this Sunday at church.  Sure it’s so douchey that it should be an Axe Body Spray scent, but that’s not the point.

The perfect examples of this phenomenon are the Finebaum callers.  Most Alabamians I know don’t scream much, know how to pronounce most words properly, and have never threatened violence over a football game.  The Finebaum callers struggle with all these things.  It’s not Finebaum’s fault that they are crazy, but he is giving their crazy a platform.  Of course with social media the crazy would have that platform with or without Finebaum’s show.

Now I’ve made lots of Auburn jokes in my time, lots and lots of them.  I have stirred the pot plenty and have lots of fun “trolling” on Twitter.  But it’s always been satire; I don’t really mean any of it.  I state over and over again that I’m a comedian making jokes and not to be taken seriously.  Maybe my jokes have contributed to the problem though, that’s something I’ll have to think about.

We are never going to shout over the crazies, or convince them to chill.  You can’t argue with these folks.  Normal people who do good stuff and just live their life aren’t interesting and aren’t going to get the attention of the nation.  Fans who live and die for football and go wingnut crazy are entertaining.
So how do we change the preception of our fanbases? How do we get the word out that these folks are the excpetion and not the rule? It’s simple we kill the batman we just do something worthwhile.

I am not asking you to donate to sending me to the Sugar Bowl, I’m not even asking you not to donate to send that douchey blogger to the BCS Championship.  I am asking you to donate to a worthwhile cause this holiday season.

My buddy @UAReba is a decidedly not Gumpy or Boogy gal.  She’s just a normal Alabama fan fighting a terrible and awful disease like a freaking champ.  It’s been a rough week for Reba and yet she still has a positive attitude.  I’m not asking you to send Reba to California, no I’m asking for much more than that.

I want you to think about donating to Be The Match this holiday season.  Be The Match helps patients with blood cancers like Leukemia find donors for transplant.  This is something that deserves your attention and your five dollars.

If you donate 50 bucks or more I’ll draw you cartoon of anything you want.

Perhaps you want to know what Gary Busey would look like as a dinosaur?Busesaurus-Rex

For 25 bucks I’ll give you a shout out and a Roll Tide or War Eagle on Gettin’ Chippy, my podcast with the very famous @RickMuscles.

If you donate 10 bucks I’ll think you’re awesome.

Donate anything and I’ll still think you’re awesome.

To donate just go to the Be The Match donation page and donate directly to the organization.  If you want to be extra cool you should donate in honor of Reba Little and write “Reba is awesome” in the comment box.


Then just send me an email at [email protected] with your name and how much you donated.  We are working on the honor system, because come on.

Check back here for updates on the amount we’ve raised.  If you send me an email and have a cancer story to share it may get posted here.

You could even go the extra step and join the marrow registry. It’s super easy and doesn’t hurt at all, even I was able to figure it out.

Let’s do something good on the internet this holiday season and in the process show the world that the Gumps/Boogs don’t speak for the majority.


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