The Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl: East Carolina vs. Ohio


Beef ‘O’ Brady’s is where you go to eat when you don’t want something as fancy as Applebee’s.  So you can see why this bowl is the perfect Tampa bowl.  Tampa is where you go to vacation when you don’t want to go to Orlando or Miami.

The Beef ‘O’ Brady’s bowl is at 2PM East on a Monday a couple days before Christmas.  So the target audience here is college kids who are home for the holidays and have literally nothing else to do.  Of course it will also get viewers like me who have begun to come to the dark realization that football season is coming to a close and will want to soak up every last moment of joy left before a long dark winter.

East Carolina used to be coached by Lou Holtz son.  That’s what I knew about East Carolina before writing this article.  East Carolina did beat North Carolina this year, and I know they are ACC and all but still.  East Carolina also faced and defeated the might UAB and Southern Mississippi. (See it’s funny cause they suck.)

Ohio on the other hand beat one out of the two directional Michigan schools it faced, so it’s a tough call.  I guess I have to go with East Carolina because you always want to support Lou Holtz’s family’s former employers right?

The Beef ‘O’ Brady Bowl

December 23, 2PM East



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