World of Warcraft, Throwback Thursday: Francis

Welcome back to World of Warcraft Throwback Thursday. I hope you’ve had a great Christmas filled with awesome presents and time well spent with friends and family. For today’s Throwback Thursday, I’ve chosen the always lovable, yet misguided Francis. Francis is the alter ego of Boogie, a YouTube paragon of hilarity. Francis is clearly not happy with World of Warcraft, and one developer in particular has drawn his ire, Ghostcrawler.

Ghostcrawler was a lead dev for WoW back in the day, well at least all the way up until Mists of Pandaria. During the game’s second expansion, Cataclysm, the heroic dungeons were exceptionally difficult, to which Ghostcrawler would make many a “Blue post” discussing his reasons for the difficulty, and this is the reason for Francis’ rage post. So, without further adieu, heeeeerrrreeees Francis!

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