Fight Hunger Bowl: BYU vs. Washington, Bowl Season Preview


Wasn’t this the Diamond Bowl or Emerald Bowl or something?   When did this bowl start fighting hunger?  Does this bowl fight hunger?  Are the BYU Cougars and the Washington Huskies hungry?

After some extensive research (I Googled it.) I’ve discovered that this was once the Emerald Bowl.  I guess the bowl felt the times changing and wanted to get away from blood jewels field and into the helping people field.

All the bowls trumpet their massive contributions to society though charity work, it’s one of their key arguments on why they should exist.  But few bowls name their bowl after a social issue, then again, this is San Fransisco.

BYU accepted a bid to play in this bowl last June I think.  I don’t really understand why this bowl and BYU have such an attachment to each other but hey, every Mormon needs a mate or three right?  BYU has a great running game and has had a pretty fair season by John Smith standards.  BYU has quality wins over Texas, Boise State, Nevada, and Georgia Tech, they aren’t a push over.

Washington meanwhile has lost their super mediocre coach to USC.  It might be a good thing that the Huskies are without Sarkisian though, he went to BYU.  Would he have been able to handle playing the school that taught him how to become the man of mediocrity he is today?

Washington then swiped Chris Peterson away from Boise State to fill their vacancy.  So no matter how this game ends up Washington has already won their off season, talk about a trade up.

Washington comes away with this one, but it may be closer than expected.  BYU will probably accept a bid to play in next years Fight Hunger Bowl at half time though, so really everyone wins.

The Fight Hunger Bowl

December 17 9:30 PM East



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