League of Legends, Battle.net, Guild Wars 2: Hacked

Nerd Rage

Last night a group called DerpTrolling (@DerpTrolling on Twitter) began a systematic attack on many game provider’s servers. EA, League of Legends, and World of Warcraft creators, Blizzard were all targets of the internet hackers. Using a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) the group shut down every game that popular Twitch streamer, PhantomL0rd attempted to play. In fact, the trolls at DERP are still at it tonight, with news that the Guild Wars 2 servers are now offline.

I won’t bore you with all the details that the other sites are reporting. However, I have been trawling the interweb myself, in search of gamer reactions to their beloved games being unexpectedly offline. So sit back, pour a drink, and enjoy the NSFW LOLS.

Liam is extremely upset that his very important game-time has been interrupted.


Richard is just voicing his patriotic concern for this great nation…of gamers.




Seth is a reasonable guy.


Rape is an appropriate response, right?


I’ve been the target of game hackers before, and I can tell you it is no fun at all. But, thanks to Twitter, we all get to see the level of rage that some people go to. As for DerpTrolling, it doesn’t look like they’ve slowed down at all. Maybe they will get caught, and maybe they won’t, but one thing is for sure, gamers everywhere are nervously praying to the Gaming Gods that the trolls will go back under their internet bridge.

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