The 2013 Lightly Buzzed Giffy Awards: College Football

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Photo Jan 02, 4 55 42 PM

 Welcome to the first annual Lightly Buzzed Giffy Awards

We here at Lightly Buzzed love College Football, and if you’re an American, and love Jesus, apple pie, semi-automatic machine guns, and monster trucks, then you obviously love College Football as well. 2013 was a weird and fantastically fun season, filled with destiny inspired teams, surprise finishes, and spectacular fails. Some teams came out of nowhere and dominated their conferences, while other traditional powerhouses struggled to get to 500.

2013 provided us with energizing moments of pure entertainment. Whether it was a bone-jarring hit or an acrobatic circus catch, the amazing GIFs that this season gave us, have been nothing short of jaw-dropping-win. So, without further adieu, I present to you, the first annual Lightly Buzzed Giffy Awards!

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