World of Warcraft: Throwback Thursday, The Opening of AQ (Scumbag Edition)


In 2005 an epic event was added to World of Warcraft, where both the Alliance and Horde factions gathered resources to open the gates of Ahn’Qiraj. in January of 2006  the Medivh realm, through the combined might of many guilds, opened AQ’s gates. Opening the gates of AQ was a long process spanning many weeks or even months. It required the cooperation of hundreds of players from all races and factions, and involved monsters and quests from all over the World…of Warcraft.

Many realms over the course of 2006, worked together in peace, love and harmony, to open the gates at a time that the maximum number of players got the Black Resonating Stone, which was the reigns to the one LEGENDARY mount in the game at the time, the Black Quiraj Battle Tank. As you can imagine, the black bug was the most sought after mount in the game.

Now, if you played in Vanilla WoW, then you may remember the forums literally buzzing over these mounts. People would pontificate about how much they loved their glorious black bug. Night after night, the higher level guilds would congregate around the auction houses and mailboxes of Iron Forge and Orgrimmar, flaunting their prized possession, much to the envy of lower guilds and players.

Sometime after, and I mean way after, the original opening of the AQ gates, the developers of WoW decided that the newer realms would get an auto opening of AQ. Now remember, this was after the first expansion and AQ was a thing of the past. So, the devs would make a post on each newer realm’s forums, alerting the players that if they had the quest (Bang a Gong) then they would have 24 hours to turn in said quest in order to get the mount.

Enter the SCUMBAGS! Many players, who had the financial means, would pay for a character transfer to these new realms, sneak up to AQ, and without fair warning on the community forums-nay without even so much as a general chat alert, would bang the gong. This would set into motion an timer, and if no one knew the timer had started, then they would be SCREWED out of the mount that they had literally put days and weeks of time into.

Mikepreachwow from YouTube discusses this as one of the most Scumbag moves ever

The “Ninja-ing” of the AQ mount, has gone down in the archives of Warcraft history as one of the biggest scumbag moves, ever. What are some of your memories of scumbag moves in the game? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll feature them in my next Throwback Thursday article. Thanks!


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