The 2013 Lightly Buzzed Giffy Awards: NFL

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Yesterday, Lightly Buzzed presented the first annual Giffy Awards for College Football. Today, we proudly bring to you, the Giffy Awards for the NFL. No doubt, this season of the NFL has produced  some amazing GIFs, and there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of GIFs that we have to choose from.

So, without further adieu…oh let’s just crack on, shall we?


First up, the Giffy for Fan of the Year. This award is presented to the fan who demonstrates an undying loyalty to his or her team. This year’s winner went above and beyond in his dedication. Though the storms of life assailed him, he stayed true, and for that reason, he wins this most coveted award.

The Giffy for Fan of the Year goes to:

Soaking-Wet Panther fan Guy


To be fair, we could have given this guy the dumbass fan award. I mean, he could have moved to a dry, warm spot. However, how can you not love his dedication. Well done sir, we salute you.

Rain or Shine1

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