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The Walking Dead: Mid-Season Premiere Trailer

We are roughly a month away from The Walking Dead mid-season premiere, and AMC has released a new trailer. It’s not anything special, and doesn’t reveal too much, but at least it’s something.



Like I said, it’s not really anything special, and we’ve seen most of this before, but I am getting very excited, nonetheless. Of course, our own Bandit put together his own version of what will happen in the season four premiere, and call me crazy, but I like his version much better.



As you can plainly see, Bandit has a better grasp on the direction of the show, than AMC seem to have. Seriously, if they can’t get a grasp on where they want to go with TWD, then I’m probably checking out of this show, and replace it with Antique Roadshow. That’s right, a low budget PBS show where old ladies get their ceramic cats appraised, is more exciting than watching the survivors walk around with a runny nose.


There is hope, however. Watch this extended trailer with Carl taunting a couple of Walkers away from this house that he and Rick are squatting in. It’s a scene directly from the comics, which is exciting for me since I am a Walking Dead purist.



There it is folks, now we just wait. By the way, how many of you were yelling at the screen, telling Carl to STOP WALKING BACKWARDS GAWWWD! The Walking Dead returns Sunday, February 9th. Stay tuned to Lightly Buzzed, where I’ll keep you updated on the latest news and video for The Walking Dead.

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