Bobby Petrino To Louisville, The Secret Late Night Text Messages

It’s so easy to stay in touch in with social media.  You can simply jump on Facebook or Twitter and reach out to people you haven’t seen in years.  Of course contacting exes this way is never advisable, but people do it all the time.  It also explains how Louisville was able to get in touch with their old lover Bobby Petrino after all these years.  We just so happen to have gotten our hands on the late night texting that led to Louisville and Petrino’s renewed relationship.


Photo Jan 08, 7 59 37 PM

Bobby is drunk.

Photo Jan 08, 7 59 37 PM (1)

Being there for her.

Photo Jan 08, 7 59 37 PM (2)

Laying it on thick.

Photo Jan 08, 7 59 37 PM (3)

Going in got the kill.

Photo Jan 08, 7 59 38 PM

Bobby’s signature move.


Don’t late night text your exes people.  It won’t end well.


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