Bobby Petrino to Louisville: How Louisville fans felt about Petrino in 2012

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It’s official, Bobby Petrino is back home in Louisville, once again. Cardinal fans are elated that their beloved school was able to fill the void left by Charlie Strong, so quickly, and with a name they are very familiar with. Bobby Petrino was the head coach at Louisville from 2003 – 2006 where he had two extremely successful season in 2004 (11 wins) and 2006 (12 wins). In 2012 Petrino was fired from Arkansas and many Louisville fans took to twitter and message boards to ridicule their one time coach.


I searched the internet for how Louisville fans felt about Petrino in 2012 amidst the scandal at Arkansas, and I came across the ‘Inside the Ville’ message board, and lucky me, they had an archive! So, I have gleaned the best posts concerning Robert Patrick Petrino from way back in 2012, you know, when Louisville fans were supremely confident that Charlie Strong wasn’t going anywhere, and Bobby Petrino was forever, a thing of the past…ENJOY!


1. This guy got it waaaaaay back in 2012!



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