World of Warcraft Throwback Thursday: The Greatest Hack Ever

Welcome back to World of Warcraft Throwback Thursday. Today we are looking at one of, if not the greatest hack in World of Warcraft history. On a Sunday morning in early October, 2012, players in the Alliance city of Stormwind began dropping like flies. Not only player controlled characters, but NPCs were dying as well. It didn’t matter how many hit points or how awesome a player’s gear was, for no apparent reason, they were just simply dying.


Soon, one thing quickly became clear. A level one player was running around the Stormwind bank fountain, and auction house area, leaving the carcasses of dead level 90 characters in her wake. It didn’t matter if you were in the air on a flying mount, or on the ground, if this level one player controlled character came anywhere close to your position, then you were automatically dead; corpses rained from the sky.


Players flocked to the forums in wave upon wave of righteous indignation, unloading their super heated nerd rage upon the unsuspecting developers. Conspiracy theories ran rampant, with some accusing Blizzard of hosting an in game event, while others insisted they had a friend who’s cousin was the roommate of a girl who was dating a developer’s brother who had first hand information that an angry developer went rogue and decided to kill the game in retaliation for being fired. It was a veritable internet feeding frenzy.


Four hours later (FOUR FREAKING HOURS OF UNINTERUPTED MASS E-MURDER) all realms were brought down, and a hotfix was implemented to correct and eradicate the hack. The next day, a hacker going by the name Jadd, claimed responsibility for the attack. All in all, every major city, both Horde and Alliance, was targeted by the hacker, with literally millions of player and NPC characters suffering multiple deaths.


The Euro server version, notice the amount of skeletons littering the ground


Even the mighty Horde was not immune (Orgrimmar)

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