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Today’s Countdown Character is Lord Varys, the Spider. Varys sits on the King’s small council where he acts as the Master of Whisperers. Varys’ ability to know any and all information about the lords and ladies of King’s Landing has made him an invaluable ally to anyone with aspirations of sitting the Iron Throne.
Varys was born a slave in the Free Cities across the Narrow Sea. He was sold to a sorcerer who gave him a potion that immobilized him, but left him able to feel pain. The sorcerer castrated Varys and then cast him out on the street to die. Varys decided against dying, and fought to live. He became a master thief and quickly learned that information was a much more valuable commodity than physical goods; thus the Spider was born.
The last we see of Lord Varys, in season three, was when he warns Shae that she must leave King’s Landing so that Tyrion might be safe. Varys considers Tyrion the only redeemable quality of the current regime. He gives Shae a pouch full of diamonds in order to start a new life, but Shae declines the offer and decides to stay.
What do you think will happen with Varys’ storyline in season 4? Who would you like to see as the next Countdown Character? let me know in the comments below.


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