The Walking Dead Second Half Season 4 Trailer

Today AMC released an all new trailer for the second half of season 4 of The Walking Dead. Check it out!



Looks like we are picking up right were the first half of the season left off. There was some speculation that the second half would pick up a few months after we last saw Rick and Carl escaping in the woods, but this trailer expels those rumors.


So what are looking at here? Michone, alone in the woods, killing Walkers left and right, then she seems to have a moment or possible a breakdown. Glenn laying on the ground with blood on his face. Beth crying on the road, with Daryl. Tyreese dropping the hammer (Pun intended) on a Walker’s skull. Carl walking down a road.


Let’s hope The Walking Dead picks up the pace a bit a lot, because the story at the prison was stagnant and boring. If things shake out like they do in the comics, then we are in store for some pretty exciting story lines. Also, get ready to be introduced to three new characters. Keep checking back here for more news and information on The Walking Dead.


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