Full House Super Bowl Commercial Tease

Are you also a child of the 90’s?  Do you dream of  TGIF? You and your family all gathered round the TV to watch some Perfect Strangers, Family Matters, and Full House?  Well the good folks over at Oikos Yogurt have the perfect Super Bowl TV ad planned for you.  Oikos released the teaser for their Super Bowl ad today and it looks like it’s going to be everything you would hoped it would be with Uncle Jesse, Uncle Joey, and Danny Tanner back together again.  Lord knows Dave Coulier needs a steady gig.  No word on if any other cast mates will be making an appearance, but I would love to see an adult methy Stephanie get into it with an anorexic goblin creature adult Michelle.  Check out the teaser video below and tell us which 90’s TV series you’d like to see in a Super Bowl commercial spoof.




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