Team USA unveils opening ceremony uniforms for Winter Olympics (Video)

The Opening Ceremony of the Olympics is the embodiment of a life dream realized. These athletes have worked their whole lives, likely at the expense of any measure of normalcy or social engagement, to reach this point. They now get to stride triumphantly behind their country’s flag, wearing their colors and feeling a combination of joy and pride that most of us will never experience or understand.

With the caveat that I am no fashion designer (my wife frequently tells me that I “dress like a bruise”), let me say what my thinking would be if tasked with designing the Team USA uniforms for the Opening Ceremonies at the Sochi Winter Olympics. I would go with understated and classy, with a subtle nod to the patriotism that otherwise overwhelms these events. Nothing over the top, but impactful enough that I would shed a single tear of pride upon seeing the outfits on display.

Back in reality, Ralph Lauren designed the uniforms. Not surprisingly, he does not share my vision. The only thing we agree on is that the look should be preppy (as I am myself a Ralph Lauren wearing preppy). Check it out for yourself:

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