How To Shoot Snowballs With A Slingshot

With so much of our country stuck in arctic conditions I thought it might be good to take a look at some of the skills we will need to survive in this new frigid white apocalypse.

As a Floridian my thin blood is not equipped to handle the frozen tundra that North America has become. I find myself in a never ending search for a warm Tauntaun to crawl inside.  I have no skills for survival in the cold, I’m basically Jack Johnson in Canada right now.

The most important skill for winter survival will obviously be the ability to shoot snowballs at high velocity to fight off white walkers.  But who will teach us this vital survival skill? Why a crazy fun bald German guy in a t-shirt of course.  I love you internet.

What’s better than shooting snowballs with a slingshot? Shooting snowballs with a slingshot with this awesome German guy and his accent.

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