Super Bowl 48 Frozen: The Ballad Of Eli And Peyton


It’s a classic Disney tale of two siblings at odds.  One is a beautiful princess destined to lead her Denver Broncos to the Super Bowl; the other is an interception machine banished to the frigid and dirty land of New Jersey.  However fate would have it that the Super Bowl is in that land of Snooki, and Princess Eli isn’t about to let Peyton have it easy.  Will Eli use her magic snow powers to grab the Super Bowl in an icy grip? Or will a snowman with a brain injury and a reindeer with an eating disorder save the day?  Easily the best Disney film since Richard Sherman’s 101 Mediocre Cornerbacks.

Rated PG for cartoon violence.




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  • arrowheadaddict

    “You’re weak, Eli.”

    • Libryan

      You may consider Eli as weak. Consider this – he has 2 Suprr Bowls rings and 2 SB MVPs. Peyton has only 1. How is that weak?

      • arrowheadaddict


      • Razorhog

        Eli, what did we say about making anonymous accounts and commenting about stuff? Plus, I’m telling Archie about your grammar. And here I didn’t think your father could be more disappointed in you. You’re in big trouble buster!

  • Razorhog

    You give love a bad name!