The Beulah Boys 'Blurred Lines' Line Dance

I have to admit I’ve never been a big line dancing fan. Even in Mississippi where I grew up line dancing is looked upon as something for the elderly and people with mullets. But the Beulah Boys may have changed my opinion on all of that. Not only are the Beulah Boys making line dancing cool but they managed to make Blurred Lines cool again. If Robin Thicke was a Beulah Boy maybe I wouldn’t find him so annoying?

The Beulah Boys website describes them as follows:

These Gentlemen have the city all lit up with their smooth moves, precision steps and good looks. Their performance is indeed a treat to be seen. So don’t miss an opportunity to see The Beulah Boys.

You seriously don’t want to miss this:

You wish your grandad was a Beulah Boy.

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