Super Bowl XLVIII: Jamie Casino Commercial

During one of the most boring Super Bowl’s I have ever had the displeasure of barely watching, a commercial aired that was actually more entertaining than the actual game itself, and sadly, most of us didn’t even get to see it, until now.

Jamie Casino is a personal injury attorney that caters to the common man. His commercial that he paid to have aired in the state of Georgia, during the big game, is something that Michal Bay would be proud of.

Seriously though, this commercial belongs up there with the Transformers movie trailer, because what’s more awesome than a giant f**king robot riding a giant f**king robot dinosaur? Well, pretty much nothing in the known multiverse (nerdgasm). However, Casino’s commercial is pretty close.

See, I wasn’t lying! It’s got fire, it’s got a Punisher-esque style back story, it’s got a sledge hammer wielding badass in sunglasses and a five o-clock shadow smashing a gottdamn tombstone! Watching this commercial is like having a Harley riding ghost smash you in the face with a jackhammer while simultaneously playing a pitchfork shaped electric guitar while making you watch it have sex with Kate Upton while she screams “F**K YEAH!!!!”

Also, I would like to add at this point, that I haven’t even mentioned the fact that this cat’s name is Jamie Casino. Yeah, that’s right, Jamie f**king Casino. You can follow Casino on Twitter @CASINO_LAWGROUP and I think the real tragedy here is that the creator of the most legitimately badass Super Bowl commercial of all time only has 336 followers.

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