National Signing Day: Live Blog

This was a fun signing day, be sure to check out all our other signing day articles and thanks for sticking around!


Please enjoy this collection of the creepiest tweets of the day from fans of many institutions of higher learning.


2:05P.M. – Ole Miss steals 4 star Tee Shepard from MSU.


2:02P.M. – Kentucky with a top 15 class from out of nowhere!


1:31P.M. – So last night I said I thought LSU might have a bad day…


1:12P.M. – I put together the best tweets from Auburn fans reacting to Rashaan Evans decision. Enjoy the cray cray!

Auburn Fans React to Rashaan Evans Picking Alabama


11:54A.M. – After Auburn lists Rashaan Evans on thier website as a lock… HE PICKS BAMA.


11:49A.M. – SPOILER ALERT! Rashaan Evans is already listed on Auburn’s website. He hasn’t announced yet. It’s like I saw the movie before I read the book now.


11:02A.M. – LSU gets Malachi Dupre, a huge WR out of Louisiana.


10:55A.M. – WR Jojo Robinson flipped from FSU to Arkansas… so here’s a picture of Jen Beilema.


Remember not to tweet or facebook recruits.


10:32A.M. – Rivals site is down. No big deal, it’s not like their whole business is built around this day.


9:30A.M. – 5 star DE Da’Shawn Hand Signs with Alabama.


9:21A.M. – Is there any way Alabama isn’t the top class?


Want to experience what it’s like to pick a school on National Signing Day? Play the National Signing Day Pick A Cap Game


8:57 A.M. – Isaiah McKenzie a 4 star WR out of Florida who had narrowed his list to VaTech, Ole Miss, and Florida has picked Mark Richt’s Georgia Mediocre Bulldogs!  Ole Miss won’t be your out of nowhere class this year.


I’m ready, are you?


8:55 A.M. – Welcome to the LB National Signing Day live blog.  Today we will witness kids picking baseball caps and adults losing their ever loving minds about their choice.  It’s going to be a good day!

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