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Game of Thrones

Season 4


Today’s countdown character is Shae. Shae was a camp follower in the Lannister army when she was brought to Tyrion Lannister the night before a big battle. Tyrion fell in love with her, and took her to King’s Landing, which was against his Father’s express command.

While in King’s Landing, Tyrion took extra precautions to keep Shae hidden from his father’s and his sister Cersei’s spies. During the battle of Black Water Bay, Tyrion moved Shae from a house in the city, to the Red Keep, as he was worried for her safety. When Tyrion is forced to marry Sansa Stark, Shae becomes Sansa’s handmaiden. and the two lovers were once again reunited.

How do you think Shae’s story will play out in season 4? Let me know in the comments below, and while you’re there, let me know who you would like to see as the next countdown character of the day.


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Game of Thrones Season 4 Countdown

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