This week on Twitter: Sochi Olympics, bored Kobe Bryant, and more


When considering the location of the 2014 Olympics (Sochi), you could dig into some serious and difficult topics. Politics, how people experience a sense of place for major events, governmental philosophies, the privilege of being a host city, the responsibilities for a host city…if you wish, there are serious topics to be engaged.

Or we can circulate pictures of toilets on Twitter.

The Sochi Olympics, or, pictures of bathrooms

And, truly, hundreds of others, if you care to look.

Kobe Bryant is bored

The Los Angeles Lakers won. Steve Blake had a triple double. Kobe Bryant called him #whitemamba

In case you weren’t sure, this is the #whitemamba in his younger days.


On second thought, I fully support bored Kobe Bryant’s enthusiasm about Steve Blake.

Jose Canseco said

Weird Wisdom from Aaron Rodgers

The Packers quarterback will go for long stretches of time (weeks, months) without tweeting. He has been more active lately, offering a number of random nuggets of wisdom and philosophy…and it’s kinda weird.

I’m telling you, these quarterbacks do not necessarily take it well when their teams don’t win.


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