Air Hockey Robot

Air hockey is the best game in the arcade.  Don’t try to argue, we all know it’s true.  It’s real life pong on a pretend hockey rink powered by air and plastic with pride on the line.  Truly, it’s the sport of 13 year old champions.
Being able to hold your own in a game of air hockey is an important skill to have.  You don’t want to be the guy who gets skunked in front of his peers causing his crush to choose another potential mate due to his obvious lack of agility.
No longer is there a need to worry about not having anyone to practice with. Here is the solution to this great problem of our age.  All you have to do is purchase a hugely expensive 3D printer and have the technical skills to assemble it into a air hockey playing robotic Mr. Miyagi.  I mean Forrest Gump couldn’t beat this thing.  It’s important to use robots like this now, before they become our cruel overlords.



Got some other ridiculous ideas on how to apply advanced tech for pointlessness? Let us know in the comments below…

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