The Walking Dead: Episode 9 Season 4 Recap

As I am a The Walking Dead snob, I very much enjoyed episode 9. However, my good pal Bandit did not. While I love the dialogue and drama that is injected into each episode of The Walking Dead, Bandit would rather the show be all about zombie bombs exploding into a rain of a thousand walker bits and pieces, while Michonne dances naked, wildly swinging her katana, lopping off walker heads at a feverish pace…okay, that didn’t sound too bad once I typed it all out.

As I was saying, I love the show for what it is, a drama with a zombies in it. As long as the writers throw some terrifying walker herd or walker ambush in there, I am usually happy; episode nine had that and more.

As my friend Lucy often reminds me, sometimes you have to eat the bitter green bits in order to get to the delicious flower parts. So, that is why I don’t mind watching Rick and Carl amble down a road, looking for food and shelter. I don’t mind watching Michonne’s dream sequence, letting us in on her personal back story.

If The Walking Dead holds even remotely true to the comics (which they have) then this next episode promises to be full of terrifying walkers and our survivors in a desperate fight for their very existence.

If I could give one piece of advice to the writers of TWD, it would be to not take too long on the bitter green bits (watching the survivors wandering aimlessly for 4 episodes) and just getting on with the tasty flower parts.

Now, I would be remiss if I did not include some of my favorite GIFs from episode 9. So, here they are.

Pudding is awesome






Spaghetti Tuesday has been replaced with Pudding Sunday



Did you like Episode 9 of season 4? Let me know in the comments below.

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