Valentine's Day: Dogs are people too!

In honor of one of the worst made up holidays ever, I went on a walkabout through the bushy, danger filled outback of the internet, to find for you, a video that truly tugs on your heart strings. Whether you are an animal person or not, you’ll enjoy the bond that these canines share with their humans.


See? Even dogs can be romantic. All they want is a bit of love and appreciation for all they do, on this, the most holy of made up holidays. So, while you are busy trying to cram in some last minute V-day shopping, hoping against all hope that you can find a florist that will deliver a hastily made bouquet of flowers that will undoubtedly be wilted and dead by tomorrow, try to not forget that our canine companions need some loving too. Also, you might want to keep a water hose handy.


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