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Jojen Reed is number 50 on our countdown to Game of Thrones season 4.  Jojen is the only son of Howland Reed, and brother to Meera Reed. The Reeds are loyal to House Stark, so much in fact, that Lord Eddard Stark considered Howland one of his closest friends.


Jojen accompanied his sister to Winterfell, when their father sent them to pledge the Reed’s fealty to Robb Stark, when Howland received news that Lord Eddard had been killed.


While in Winterfell, Jojen earned the nickname ‘Little Grandfather’ due to the fact that he was always in a serious mood. Jojen has the power of Greensight, which allows him to see the future in his dreams. In fact, because of these ‘Greendreams’ Jojen knows how and when he will die.


When Jojen and his sister arrived in Winterfell, Jojen tells Bran about his dreams, and urges him to escape Winterfell before it is too late. In his dream, Jojen observed the sea coming to Winterfell, drowning everyone in it’s path. When Theon Greyjoy led his Ironborn to sack Winterfell, the Reeds accompanied Bran, Summer, and Hodor as they escaped their home. They also urged the wildling Osha, to escape with Rickon and Shaggydog.


In the HBO series, the Reeds are introduced to Bran as he escapes Winterfell with Rickon, Shaggydog, Osha, Hodor, and Summer. Jojen begins working with Bran with his Greendreams, and informs Bran that he is a Warg. A Warg is someone who can enter the mind and body of an animal.


Through Jojen’s training, Bran becomes quite adept at entering Summer’s mind and body. The last we see of Jojen in season 3, he and the party have crossed through the Nightfort, an abandoned castle of the Night’s Watch. They are heading north of the Wall in search of the three eyed crow.


How do you think Jojen’s story will play out in season 4? Tell me in the comments below, and while you’re there, let me know who you would like to see as the next countdown character.


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