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Aemon Targaryen, Maester of Castle Black, is our countdown character. Aemon Targaryen was the third born son to King Maekar Targaryen, and was named for his great uncle, the Dragon Knight, Aemon Targaryen.


Aemon forged his Maester chains at the Citadel when it became clear that he would be at danger in King’s Landing, due to the fact that his grandfather had four sons, three of whom had sons of their own.


After his father came to the Iron Throne, Aemon was summoned King’s Landing to sit on the King’s Small Council. Knowing that the Grand Maester would lose his seat, Aemon instead, chose to serve as Maester at his older bother, Prince Daeron’s castle.


After the death of King Maekar, Aemon was once again summoned to King’s Landing and offered the crown. Aemon refused and deferred the crown to his younger brother, Aegon. Instead of taking the crown for himself, Aemon joined the Night’s Watch, a life long vow, so that his presence in King’s Landing could not be used to usurp his brother’s rule.


Maester Aemon is over a hundred years of age, and it is said that his old age and long-held position at Castle Black have helped to wipe his presence from the memories of the people of Westeros.


When Jon Snow wanted to abandon his vows as a brother of the Night’s Watch, in order to help his brother Robb, in the War of the Five Kings, Maester Aemon revealed himself to Jon. He told him that he had wanted to abandon his vows to help his family during the rebellion of Robert Baratheon.


What do you think will happen to Maester Aemon in season 4? Let me know in the comments below, and while you’re there, tell me who you would like to see as the next countdown character.


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Game of Thrones Season 4 Countdown

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