Game of Thrones: Trailer #2 Vengeance

Sunday night, HBO released an all new Game of Thrones trailer aptly named ‘Vengeance’. For those of you (myself included) that have been ravenously awaiting any and all news from season 4, this trailer has it all. Anyway, I’ll stop talking and let you enjoy the pure awesomeness.


Well, was I right? of course I was, I’m rarely ever wrong…but enough about me. How excited are you right now? That trailer still gives me chills, and I’ve watched it about 20 times now.

Let’s see, we’ve got Prince Oberyn fighting the Mountain, Joffrey’s wedding, Arya vowing to kill the people who’s names she recites each night, Jon Snow leading the brothers of the Night’s Watch in battle, the Magnar of Thenn, Daenerys riding along side her army, and one of her dragons rising into view.


However, the scene that absolutely has me nerd-gasming is the last one; the White Walker riding a horse. Now, this might be a little bit of a spoiler, so there…you’ve been forewarned, but I’m pretty sure that is Cold Hands. That’s right boys and girls, I believe we will be introduced to a pivotal character, who is universally loved by fans of the A Song of Ice and Fire series.


Now, if you know Cold Hands, you might think that I am way off here, because Cold Hands rides a giant elk. However, the writers of Game of Thrones are notorious for the way they interpret scenes from the book, and that’s why I think the absence of the elk is just a minor speed bump.


Take a look at that last scene again, and notice the White Walker is wearing armor and has black hands, which is a major description of Cold Hands in the books. Anyway, I am very excited for season 4, because it’s going to be fantastic.


Tell me what you think in the comments below, and while you’re there, tell me if you think I’m right about my Cold Hands theory.


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