Great moments in bow ties: heads of school rap to announce snow day

You remember snow days. As a student there is no feeling quite like it.

Anytime there was bad weather of any kind, of course, you checked with anticipation to see if school might be cancelled. More often than not, school was still on for the day (even with the vastly overrated “two hour delay” in play). But on those rare days when school was cancelled for snow/ice, that payoff was tremendous.

What a feeling.


So it’s not as if teachers/administrators need to enhance the school day announcement to make it more enjoyable. But these teachers from Durham Academy went ahead and did so anyway, and it was awesome.

The upshot, of course, is the power of the bow tie. And don’t get excited, hipster/trendy people who just started wearing those weird, skinny bow-ties recently because celebrities and NBA players were doing it. Not that we don’t appreciate the help and the attention you have brought to bow ties. We do. Just understand something: it’s not a trend…it’s a lifestyle. And you better be willing to make that commitment.

This Head of School has clearly embraced the bow tie lifestyle and everything it encompasses. Kudos to him.

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