Important update: Richie Incognito probably still doesn't get it

In an extensive report, you now have the opportunity to read pages and pages and pages of text messages exchanged by Miami Dolphins’ offensive linemen Richie Incognito and Mike Pouncey. It provides a glimpse into the alleged conduct that made fellow lineman Jonathan Martin feel bullied and eventually leave the team.

That investigation is ongoing. Incognito, considered the main culprit, has tried to defend himself. At points he has tried to express his fondness for Martin, insisting that the two were good friends and he did not realize lines had been crossed. At other points he has let the Mike Ditka-esque voices of the world point out how the rest of us simply do not understand the “locker room culture,” and it is not for us to judge what is inappropriate there.

The recent report, prepared by NFL investigator Ted Wells, reveals a possible depth of harassment that is upsetting and serious to consider. Acknowledging the burden of proof and the fact that Incognito deserves his chance to defend his actions…this would probably be a good time For Richie to lay low, no?

Oh boy.

And the rant continued. Then, with all the backlash, Incognito temporarily retired from Twitter (from about February 14th to 17th).

Herman Edwards, currently serving as an NFL analyst for ESPN, famously says that players need to learn the following lesson:


It is at this point, when he temporarily quit the most volatile social media outlet, that Incognito had a chance to partake in some damage control and heed that advice. Just stop pressing send, man. Stay off Twitter.

Alas, he returned only days later with a half-baked apology:

And an apology directed at Martin, as well.

At this point, you might be inclined to feel for Incognito once again, noting he truly was just a misguided guy who wishes no ill on his teammate Martin. In case you were inclined to venture down this sympathetic path, Incognito made sure to stop you dead in your tracks by retweeting one of his followers:

Ahh yes. That darn wussification. And while we’re at it…insert fundamental misunderstanding of FREEDOM here.

And that’s the problem. These ill-considered attempts by Incognito to express his fondness for Martin on the one hand, yet on the other hand to tell us all we are oversensitive and don’t understand the locker room culture, show that he just does not understand the actual problem here.

Ultimately we just have a front row seat to a flailing strategy to win the battle for public perception. And the more he tweets, the worse it gets.

I’ll let Richie have the final word.

Hey, he said it, not me.

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