The Walking Dead: Season 4 Episode 10 "Inmates" Recap

The Walking Dead is at a crossroads. Allow me to explain. The first half of season 4 was down right boring, and I often found myself daydreaming as I watched each episode with a cautious optimism that bordered on manic depression.

The second half of season 4 looked like it was going to pick up where the first half left off. You know the one, where Rick and Carl slowly meander through a supposedly scary, Walker infested, post-apocalyptic world that honestly seemed about as dangerous as a box of kittens.

Honestly, I was very close to changing the channel and calling Bandit, to tell him that his apathetic view on The Walking Dead had seeped into my brain, poisoning my overly positive view of my favorite Zombie Apocalypse show. However, things picked up quickly! Carl ate some pudding, while Michonne sliced and diced an entire herd of walkers into a garden salad. And thus, episode 9 was saved.


Episode 10 started off great, and in my opinion, kept the pedal to the floor all the way to the end. Unlike my partner in crime, bandit, I appreciated the inner monologue from Beth, while she and Daryl ran, barely escaping the Walkers that were ambushing them left and right.

I think it’s important to note here, that Daryl seemed to be close to reverting back to his brooding, anti-social self, and if not for Beth keeping a positive outlook, Daryl might have been lost to the group, all together.

Tyreese and the two sisters, Lizzy and Mika are desperately trying to survive on the run, and out in the open. And, to heap on more stress, Tyreese is carrying baby Judith. Yeah, that’s right, Lil Asskicker is alive and she hasn’t learned to keep her big fat baby mouth shut. I mean really, doesn’t she know there are Walkers all around? Stupid baby.

Then there’s Lizzy, who I’m pretty sure would have killed baby Judith, had Carol not arrived. What a freaking psychopath! What did those furry little sleeping baby bunnies ever do to her? It’s not like she killed them for food or anything. I guess we finally know who was feeding live rats to the Walkers at the prison fence, and I’m assuming it was Lizzy who flayed the rat that Tyreese found as well. In fact, I’m just going to blame Lizzy for every creepy, freaky thing that happens on the show, from here on out.

Did I mention Carol is back? Hey, Carol is back!


This episode was extremely action packed. Not only did the writers make us think it was Zombie-Glenn that Maggie found on the bus, but when we actually did see Glenn, he was getting fully decked out in riot gear, bull-rushing his way through a herd of Walkers that littered the prison yard. I’m not really sure why the writers decided to force feed Tara to us, because honestly, I was hoping she was Walker food. But I guess they have their reasons.

Finally, we come to the big reveal. ABRAHAM! Abraham Ford is one of my favorite characters from The Walking Dead series, and I cannot wait to see what he does this coming Sunday in episode 11.


What did you think of Episode 10? Let me know in the comments below.


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