Jacike Chan's Rhino Horn PSA

PSA’s are different in China… apparently there isn’t as large a call for “don’t text and drive” in a land of bicycles.
Chinese traditional medicine is a big buyer of rhinoceros horns, they are believed to cure just about everything EXCEPT impotence. (For impotence you have get a tiger penis, HI AUBURN FANS!) So they are highly sought after items. A worldwide ban on Rhino killing has made them very rare, very expensive, and so very prone poaching.
I get the need for this PSA, I really do, but I do have a question, why is this in English? I would think that an Chinese citizen that’s educated enough to have learned a second language also took some biology and knows this is voodoo nonsense.

So strange to think about what PSA’s would look like for other cultures. What PSA do you think we need desperately and which famous face should be in it? Let us know in the comments.

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