India's Got Talent: Dancing to make the world a better place

Go ahead and watch this young contestant from India’s Got Talent put on a show with his dance moves. I dare you not to smile at this.

The wonderful humans at Soul Pancake said it better than I ever can:

Dancing makes the world more awesome.


Some people do not like to dance. It makes them uncomfortable. They feel self-conscious, as they believe that they do not know how to dance. To which I say…

…hogwash. For as absolutely horrible as human beings can be, there is one thing I trust about people: almost everybody will not judge your dance moves. Almost everybody simply appreciates your effort and loves the fact that you are dancing. That’s why a video like the one seen above goes viral, after all: people love dancing.

So, like this awesome contestant on India’s Got Talent, go ahead and dance your ass off.




It’s at this point that you might say, “OK hotshot, put your money where your mouth is.”



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