Canadians Are Not Nice People

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Photo Feb 22, 2 01 04 PM

You shouldn’t judge people based on stereotypes… even when those stereotypes are positive.  Take the myth that Canadians are nice people, totally false.  Obviously this myth should have died when Justin Bieber appeared, but I digress.

Canada showed her true colors after beating the United States in hockey yesterday; and I have to tell you, her true colors are kind of douchey.  Don’t get me wrong I understand that the British Eskimos to our north have literally nothing else to be proud of… but come on, it’s hockey.  Hockey, while the most interesting part of the winter Olympics, is still part of the winter Olympics.  Hockey only has to be more interesting than dancing on ice, sliding down a hill, and ice shuffle board to win that title.

I was really hoping America would win, because I like winning.  I love cheering “U S A, U S A, U S A” as much as the next patriot.  I have to admit though, now that it’s over, I don’t really care anymore.  It’s not like when Alabama loses and I go into a three day mourning period.

Canadians however, knowing that the only other thing they’ve ever done is build the arm for the space station, really put a lot into this.  I mean thier national pride is on the line because they only get one shot every four years to make everyone go “Oh yeah, Canada… I haven’t thought of them since the last Winter Olympics.”

Needless to say when national pride is on the line it doesn’t always bring out the best in you eh?  Just hit the next button to see the cream of the Canadian crop.

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