Saturday Morning Cartoons: Donald Duck

This morning I thought we’d really go back to the basics. What’s more basic than some old school classic Donald Duck?
I guess the argument could be made that some old school Mickey would be more basic, or Bugs even, but I always liked Donald. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate Mickey, but he’s a bit of a sap. Mickey is always happy, always excited, always positive. Donald has real emotions, he gets upset, he gets frustrated, Donald is out there grinding.
Bugs on the other hand is a smart aleck, he’s just wants to make the wise crack. Bugs is all about the joke, which you’d think I’d identify with… I do love Bugs. Donald on the other hand mostly just has the joke happen to him, he’s an unwilling victim of comedy. Something about his wanting to just live his happy duck person life free of drama is compelling.
So sit back, grab a chocolate milk and enjoy this morning’s cartoons…

Got a suggestion for next weeks cartoons? Leave it for me in the comments.

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