The Wolf of Sochi, Jimmy Kimmel Pranks The Internet

Thursday night U.S. Olympian Kate Hansen sent out a video of a stray wolf roaming the halls of the Olympic village.  Well just about every news station, newspaper, and sports website (including us, THANKS A LOT MIKE) had a story about this rouge wolf plaguing the Olympians.  To be fair the story gained a lot of credibility because Sochi has been plagued by a lot of stray dogs.  Also, in Soviet Putin Russia dogs are stronger and more powerful than in weak little capitalist country of America.
Turns out that the mighty wolf wasn’t a Russian commie wolf at all, but an innocent righteous American capitalist wolf.  Jimmy Kimmel filmed it and gave it to Kate Hansen to release to social media.  I love these kinds of pranks because it shows how ridiculously ready to believe things on the internet we are.  It’s also a great study in how social media now drives the real media.  Oh, and it’s hilarious.
Let’s watch Jimmy revel in his troll…

What’s the most ridiculous troll you’ve ever fallen for? Let us know in the comments.

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