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Today’s countdown character is The Onion Knight, Ser Davos Seaworth. During Robert Baratheon’s rebellion against the Mad King, his brother, Stannis Baratheon, was tasked with holding their family’s ancestral  seat of power, after Robert’s army was defeated at the Battle of Ashford by Lord Mace Tyrell.


After the Tyrell host defeated Robert’s army, Lord Mace Tyrell advanced to Storm’s End and laid siege to the legendary castle. Robert and his army were cut-off from the Baratheon seat of power, and could not help his younger brother, Stannis.


The Siege lasted the better part of a year. Stannis and his men had long ago, run out of food, and had to eat the horses, dogs, and cats just to survive. The situation had become dire, and Stannis’ men had begun to consider eating their own dead, when Davos braved the dangerous waters of Shiprebreaker Bay, delivering a boat filled with onions and salt-pack fish. earning the name, Onion Knight.


Having received the much needed food supply, Stannis and his men were able hold out until Lord Eddard Stark arrived and broke the siege. For his bravery, Stannis granted Davos knighthood, allowing him to take the name, Seaworth. Davos was also gifted with land, a castle, and his eldest son was taken as a squire in Stannis’ service.


However, Stannis Baratheon, being known for his rigid and stringent adherence to the laws of the land, ordered the first joint of each finger on Davos’ left hand to be removed for the crime of smuggling. Davos kept the finger bones in a pouch around his neck, because he considered them lucky, for they had given his family a noble name and his son’s the life he never had.


Davos quickly became one of Stannis’ most trusted advisors, and when Stannis made his claim for the Iron Throne, Davos dutifully and loyally followed his Liege Lord. Stannis gathered his fleet and moved to assault King’s Landing through Blackwater Bay. Unfortunately, Stannis’ fleet was ambushed and destroyed, and Davos lost 4 of his sons in the battle.


In season 3, Davos is rescued and returned to Stannis’ side. Through a series of events, and because of his staunch and honest advice, and due to his undying loyalty, Stannis appoints Davos Seaworth, his Hand of the King. The last we see of Davos, he has convinced Stannis to send aid to the Night’s Watch, as they have sent ravens to all the lords of the kingdom for help in defeating a great darkness.


Where do you think Davos’ story will go in season 4? Let me know in the comments below, and while you’re there, tell me who you would like to see as the next countdown character.

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