The 2014 Oscars: Kids Reenact Nominees

This Sunday, Ellen DeGeneres will host the 86th Academy Awards. In preparation for the big night, I’ve been scouring the internet to find videos, GIFs, and memes that accurately and humorously depict the Nominees. Today, I found a hilarious video on YouTube from CineFix, with kids reenacting the movies that are up for awards.

Now, usually I absolutely despise videos with kids doing things adults should do (I’m looking at you Kidz Bop).  Anyway, today’s video doesn’t have any of that “Creepy, I’ve got a van with puppies and free candy” feel to it. In fact, I think this is pretty awesome. Check it out!


See? not creepy at all. I’ve got to say, the ’12 Years a Slave’ bit, was exceptionally hilarious. Also, the ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ with the wink, was fantastic.

Did you see your favorite movie in that video? Which one was your favorite? Tell me what you thought of this video in the comments below.

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