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Walder Frey, Lord of House Frey, and Lord of the Crossing, is today’s countdown character. Lord Walder is well past ninety years of age, and is describes as a bitter, toothless and bald-old man, who’s skin hangs loosely on his frame.


Lord Walder has survived at least 8 wives, and has sired over 20 legitimate sons and 7 legitimate daughters, with a largely unknown amount of bastard children; it is said that Walder Frey has over one-hundred living descendants.


House Frey has guarded the crossing of the Green Fork, on the Trident, for over six centuries. House Frey’s sigil, is two blue castles connected by a bridge on a silver-grey background. The castles are the Twins, named for the identical castles on each bank of the Green Fork. Because they control the crossing, House Frey is one of the richest noble houses in Westeros.


House Frey is supposed to be loyal to their Liege Lords, House Tully of Riverrun, but during Robert Baratheon’s rebellion, Walder Frey waited until Robert’s forces had won the battle before sending his support. This lead Lord Hoster Tully to name Walder, “The Late Lord Frey”.


During the War of the Five Kings, Lord Walder refused to allow Robb Stark’s army to cross the Twins. Catelyn Stark then had to parlay with Walder, and came to an agreement, that would see Robb marry one of Lord Frey’s 7 daughters.


When news of Robb’s marriage to another girl from a minor noble house, reached Lord Walder, he began to collude with the Lannisters and Roose Bolton, in order to ambush the Starks and Tullys.

In order to lure Robb Stark and his army back to the Twins, Lord Walder convinced the Starks that all would be forgiven, if he would promise Edmure Tully to marry a Frey daughter. Robb agrees, and brings his host to the Crossing. During the Wedding feast, Lord Walder sets the ambush into action, and Robb Stark is slain, along with his mother and a large part of his army. For its brutality, the ambush was called, The Red Wedding.


Of note: Lord Frey agreed to ambush the Starks, for he considered Robb to be an oath-breaker. However, Lord Walder became an oath-breaker himself, when he broke the ancient and sacred law of Guest Right. Guest Right is the law of hospitality that states, as long as a guest eats the host’s food, and drinks the host’s drink, then he shall not be harmed while under his host’s roof.


Let me know what you thought of the Red Wedding in the comments below, and while you’re there, tell me who you would like to see as the next countdown character.

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