The Walking Dead: Episode 11 Season 4 'Claimed' Recap

The Walking Dead put in another excellent episode last night, and I’m excited to breakdown the Zombie filled goodness, in this week’s Walking Dead Recap. After last week, when Abraham Ford ended the episode with his, Eugene, and Rosita’s iconic pose, I was excited with cautious anticipation, at where we might see him and his group land, amongst our survivors.
One thing is clear, Abraham enjoys killing Walkers. After 3 seasons of watching Daryl expertly dispatch the undead, it’s kind of refreshing to see another badass, with obvious zombie-kill-skills, take center stage. Also, Eugene is a terrible shot, but the power of his mullet is obviously what’s keeping Abraham in line.
Let’s talk about Glenn and Tara for a sec, shall we? Okay, last week I said some disparaging things about Tara, because quite frankly, I couldn’t stand her. However, this week I am prepared to recant that statement, because last night, the writers made me like her. You see, that’s how good writers perform their special brand of magic. When a fictional character can elicit such emotions as hate or love, then they are doing their job, and the writers of The Walking Dead definitely did their job last night.

So, to be clear, I now like Tara. But why? When we first met Tara in season 3, she was an annoying blow-hard that talked too much, and just was too damned flighty to be alive in the Zombie Apocalypse. In fact, when Glenn decided to save her last week, both my wife and I yelled at the same time “NO!”.


Well, Tara redeemed herself last night, by sticking with Glenn, even though the obviously safe choice, would have been to stick with Abraham’s group. Also, the fact that she wrote down every stop and turn on her hand and arm, since they passed the bus, really made me rethink my initial dislike of her.


As far as Glenn goes, I’m glad the writers aren’t letting him give up on the search for Maggie. Glenn has been the one character on the show, that has consistently evolved into something far better than what he was, when Rick first met him in Atlanta.  In my opinion, Glenn and Maggie’s relationship is intrinsic to the show’s success, even more so than Daryl’s, Rick’s or Carl’s. I say this because, in a post apocalyptic world, it is important to keep some semblance of one’s former life and humanity; Glenn and Maggie represent that.


Now onto Rick. I’m not happy, not happy at all. I was dumfounded last night, when Rick gave his gun to Carl, when Michonne and Carl went scavenging for food. I just could not understand, that in a world where the undead aren’t the scariest thing you have to worry about, he would give his only form of protection to his kid, who by the way, HAD A GUN OF HIS OWN!


Honestly, at this point, if Rick doesn’t pull his head out of his ass, then I could not care less if the writers kill him off. And before you go on some self-righteous, nerd-rant about messing with The Walking Dead canon, just remember, this show is but an interpretation of the comics. Yeah, that’s right, your beloved Daryl doesn’t even exist in the comics…but I digress. Rick needs to get his act together, or I’m done with his character.


I really like the Michonne and Carl angle. I know a lot of you out there really hate Carl, and if this were season 2, where he was basically an annoying little snot, disobeying his parents, being disrespectful to adults, and letting Walkers escape being shot, that eventually find and gut Dale, then I would agree with you. However, this is not that Carl.


Carl is starting to show that he is acclimating to the dying world around him. In Carl’s new world, there isn’t anytime to be a kid. I think we’ve seen Carl evolve into the perfect survivor. Remember, he still thinks Judith is dead, and when he mentions her name, it visibly bothers him, but instead having the emotional response that a child would have, Carl gets on with his day. Even when he happens upon Michonne, after she is leaving the “Pink Suicide Room”, he automatically assumes that there is a dead baby in there, and it doesn’t bother him. Carl has adapted.


We didn’t get to see Daryl or Beth this week, nor did we see Maggie, Bob, and Sasha, or for that matter, Carol, Tyreese, and the kids. But, it looks like next week is going to go back to their point of view. Here is an official sneak-peek from AMC,  at next week’s all new episode.



What did you think about last night’s episode? Let me know in the comments below.


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