Nascar, Nationwide Race: National Anthem Fail

This past Sunday, Nascar’s season officially debuted with the Daytona 500. On Saturday, the Nationwide Race took place. Now, as is tradition before every race, a performer will sing the National Anthem. Enter Madison Rising. (Note: I wrongly said this was for the 500 on Sunday. I was wrong, thanks for the catch guys.)

In what can only be described as a white trash, trailer park rendition of our country’s theme song, Madison Rising took the stage and rocked out with their flag out. I’m not quite sure Francis Scott Key heard this in his head, as he watched the British shells impact Fort McHenry’s walls, but if he did, then Francis Scott Key was definitely metal.


See? Pretty freaking awful. I especially like Dale Jr.’s reaction, he looks like he’s got to go to the bathroom, like he’s been holding it for the entire race. By the way, Jr. won the 500, so congrats to him. I’m just sorry this was probably in his head the entire 500 miles. Also, notice the total of like 5 people who clapped after the song.




As if Dale Jr.’s expression isn’t priceless enough, the look on this soldier’s face says it all.




What did you think about Madison Rising’s rendition of our National Anthem? Let me know in the comments below.

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