Full House Of Cards, The House of Cards Music On The Full House Intro

Music can change everything.  The wrong music can make something cool into something lame.  The right music can make something kind of lame into something kind of cool.  In this case the music takes a favorite childhood show and makes it eerily creepy.

House of Cards and Full House couldn’t be farther apart in types of shows.  One is a dark look at a man’s undying thirst for power and control… and the other is House of Cards.  ZING! NAILED IT. I’LL BE HERE ALL WEEK.



It really is amazing how well these two seemed to match up. I mean I’m a little bit scared of Dave Coulier. (You should be scared of Dave Coulier, you think Dave Coulier hasn’t killed a man?)

What combinations of sitcoms and music do you think would be epically creepy? Let us know in the comments. I’m thinking the Game of Thrones music with the Brady Bunch intro.

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